Kristen Taekman: ‘Sonja Morgan Is The Ultimate Chameleon’

Kristen Taekman hasn’t really been a big part of this season of The Real Housewives of New York thus far, but she does have some opinions when it comes to her co-stars. Taekman has been attending events, hanging out with her co-stars, and continues to question Sonja Morgan’s business ventures. Kristen previously revealed that she could not give Morgan a reality check, so she hoped that Bethenny Frankel could do it.

Even though Kristen Taekman isn’t an entrepreneur, her husband, Josh Taekman, has launched his own business. She is the spouse of an entrepreneur and one can imagine she hears stories, brainstorming, and so forth. Maybe Taekman has a lot more knowledge than Sonja realizes. But regardless, Kristen gave props to Sonja for her fashion line.

According to a new Bravo report, Kristen Taekman is now giving props to Sonja for her hard work. Taekman hadn’t planned to see anything, including a red dress, but when Morgan showed off her newest products, Kristen had to admit her co-star had done a great job.

“I am still trying to figure out the connection with Sonja Morgan, born and raised in the US, and a connection to a Latin magazine/lifestyle, but what the heck, it is Sonja Morgan, and she is the ultimate chameleon! It was funny, because I was speaking to the editor of the magazine, and the editor made the point that Sonja was wearing the dress of a Latin designer, so maybe that was the necessary criteria to be on the cover? Either way, good for Sonja Morgan. She is always good at doing the unexpected,” Kristen Taekman reveals in her blog, pointing out that her co-star looked stunning.

But Kristen hasn’t always been so supportive of Morgan. According to the Inquisitr, Taekman recently pointed out that her co-star needed some serious help and could probably benefit from talking to someone. While Kristen and Heather Thomson have tried to help Morgan with her business venture, Bethenny gave it her best shot to see if she was really delusional.

“In all seriousness, I am happy to see her making progress, and maybe she has been working really hard behind the scenes and going to WOW us all. At the end of the day, she is a positive and talented person, and I only want the best for her, and I will support her,” Kristen Taekman reveals, adding, “For a long time I wanted to speak with Sonja and let her know I meant no disrespect when I called her delusional, and I really do like and support her.”

What do you think of Kristen Taekman’s supportive words?

[Image via Bravo]