Raphael Hameed Comforts Woman Responsible For His Son’s Death While She Is Being Sentenced

In July 2014, Raphael Hameed and his 5-year-old son Ishaq were walking along the sidewalk when they were struck by a car driven by a 21-year-old. Ishaq lost his life that day, and Raphael was left in critical condition. Later, he would lose part of his leg.

Goldston was going 50 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour speed zone. She was charged with vehicular assault and vehicular homicide as well as a traffic misdemeanor of reckless driving according to KRDO. Needless to say, the lives of both of these families would never be the same.

Tuesday, Xyrjah Goldston appeared in court to receive her sentence in Colorado Springs. She pleaded guilty in March to the charges of vehicular assault and vehicular homicide. She received four years in community corrections. She cried as they were reading her sentence. The man there to comfort her in her time of sorrow was none other than Raphael Hameed.

Hameed spoke with KRDO about why he was there for the woman responsible for taking his son’s life.

Love is important. We are trying to save her. When you love and react from love, your results are better.

Raphael has been there for her through the entire process. He explainded his reasoning to the local CBS affiliate KKTV.

A mistake was made, it wasn’t done deliberately. There’s no malice involved, her history is clean, no drugs or alcohol was involved.

Heidi Hameed, Raphael’s wife and Ishaq’s mother, was also in attendance to show support for Goldston.

We forgive Xyrjah, that’s mercy.

Obviously, the Hameed’s feel a great deal of pain for their loss. The compassion they have shown in this situation is rare among most people today, but as Heidi stated the hurt is and will always be there.

I have a whole wall of Ishaq. I miss his energy. I miss him, his little smile. I miss his giant brown eyes. I miss everything about Ish.

When asked about why the Hammed’s felt so strongly about standing behind Goldston even to the point for asking the judge for leniency. Both Raphael and Heidi expressed concerns for Goldston’s son.

In honor of my relationship to my son, I want [Xyrjah’s son] to maintain a relationship with his mother. For me, it honors my child. I was a stay-at-home dad. I taught him A-Z, all his numbers, shapes. I want him [Xyrjah’s son] to have a mother, just like I was a father.

Heidi echoed Raphael’s comments.

It means everything. This way, another child doesn’t suffer a similar fate to what we’re dealing with. We want [Xyrjah’s son] to have the best that he can have.

[Photo by CBS Denver]

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