TNA News: Dixie Carter Holds Conference Call With Talent Today Following ROH Announcement

With today’s news concerning Ring of Honor Wrestling coming to Destination America on June 3, talent within TNA were said to be shell-shocked and blindsided by the news. TNA’s Dixie Carter held a conference call this afternoon with her roster that reportedly lasted 90 minutes, though a failure to address what the ROH news means for the future of Carter’s company seems to be the theme coming out of that conference call.

According to a report today from Dave Meltzer on the subscriber’s only edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, TNA wrestlers and workers were hoping to get some sort of confirmation from Carter that the TNA television deal with Destination America would continue past September of this year. For the last week or so, the big discussion within the wrestling industry has been the uncertain future of TNA on the network. Today’s conference call with her roster was a perfect time for Carter to address these reports and sweep them aside as false. Instead, Carter told the roster that she could not address the Destination America report at this point in time.

With Dixie Carter failing to discredit the report or even directly address it, one is lead to believe that the reports concerning the company not being aired by Destination America past September of this year are accurate. If there was no truth to the report, it would seem to be a simple measure for Carter and the management team to tell her roster that. Instead, failing to address it seems to lend credibility to Meltzer’s original report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter concerning the future of TNA on Destination America.

Meltzer also noted today on Wrestling Observer Radio that nobody at Destination America has been told that the situation concerning TNA’s future on the network has changed. Despite TNA and Dixie Carter attacking Meltzer for his original report, the failure to discredit it with her roster today has built up more uncertainty among the company’s workers.

The Ring of Honor Wrestling announcement today is definitely a point of concern for TNA moving forward. With Sinclair Broadcasting, who owns controlling interest in ROH, paying for the production of the show, ROH will be much cheaper for Destination America to air versus TNA Impact Wrestling. If ROH’s ratings are relatively close to what Impact Wrestling brings in, it would make financial sense for Destination America to continue forward with ROH post-September and end their relationship with TNA.