Dangerous Sex Offender Caught By Police While Molesting Two Boys In Car, Laughed As They Cried, Armed With A ‘Molesting Kit’

A predatory man was arrested in Armley, Leeds, after being caught red handed molesting two boys in the back of a car. The man, 65-year-old Alan Chater, forced the boys into his car to molest them as they played in the street. The incident happened on February 4, according to police officials. Chater was said to be laughing at the boy’s fear and cries, finding it funny that they feared they were going to die. In addition to being caught molesting the boys, police found that he had his own “molesting kit,” which he used specifically on his victims.

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, Alan Chater forced both boys into the back of his car before molesting them. He then drove off and took the boys to a car park at Gotts Park. When they arrived at the park, Chater forced the boys to remove their pants prior to beginning his molestation. Both boys cried in fear, the 11-year-old worried he was going to be killed, and Chater laughed at their distress as he performed his horrendous acts of child abuse.

Officers arrived on the scene when they became suspicious of the parked vehicle, only to be faced with catching Chater molesting the boys, mid-act. As they investigated the car and its contents, officers found a rucksack that Chater called his “molesting kit.” The “molesting kit” contained items such as towels, condoms, along with other unnamed items used to abuse boys and girls, according to the Mirror U.K. Simon Batiste, the prosecutor, accused Chater of premeditated sexual abuse, due to the “molesting kit.”

“He had a kit designed for further sexual activity. The prosecution submits that this demonstrates the premeditated nature of the offences committed.”

Chater has a long history of sexual abuse toward children, dating all the way back to the 1970s. Previously, he served time in prison for similar sexual offenses with children, as well as obtaining photographs of the children.

Judge Rodney Jameson shared his dismay in the horrific acts Chater initiated on the two children prior to handing out a sentence.

“These are children who were taken from the street and are unlikely to feel safe while walking the street for the remainder of their lives.”

Chater was sentenced to 12 and a half years and plead guilty to all charges, which included two charges of kidnapping, two charges of inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity, and to breaching a sexual offence order.

[Photo Courtesy: Yorkshire Evening Post]