Marian Burbine: Neighbors Protest Yard Sale At Home Of Woman Linked To Heinous Crimes

Neighbors of Wakefield, Massachusetts, woman Marian Burbine were beside themselves on Monday, when a yard sale in their neighborhood brought renewed attention to one of the most horrifying episodes in the history of that well-to-do Boston suburb. What was worse, the proceeds from the sale were intended to benefit Burbine, who is now in prison serving a five-year term.

The address of the yard sale was advertised as 10 Second Street in Wakefield. But there is no 10 Second Street in Wakefield. There is, however, a 9 Second Street, and that is where the yard sale took place.

The house at that address was previously owned by Marian and her husband, John Burbine — and was also once a true house of horrors, where Marian Burbine operated an unlicensed day care center.

John Burbine raped and molested as many as 13 babies and small children entrusted to his wife's care, many of them in their own homes. Burbine even sexually assaulted an infant who was only eight days old, according to the accusations against him.

He never faced trial because in March of last year, Burbine killed himself, found by jailers hanging from a bedsheet in his cell.

When police searched Burbine's home, they reportedly found hundreds of video recordings, apparently made by Burbine himself, of him sexually assaulting children, calling them by name and speaking to them in explicitly sexual terms as he attacked them.

In June of last year, Marian Burbine was convicted of knowingly endangering children by allowing her husband to be around them without supervision, even though she was aware that he was a convicted child molester.

In 1989, John Burbine was convicted of three counts of indecent assault and battery against a child, after molesting three young boys he had been babysitting.

On Monday, a woman told neighbors she was trying to help Marian Burbine out by selling off her remaining possessions in a yard sale.

"A lot of people coming down here didn't know and some people have left disgusted. They are selling items of John Burbine's," a neighbor, Lisa Sawyer, told Boston's WFXT-TV. "Mostly clothes right now back into the community that was victimized."

An ad for the yard sale on Craigslist, in addition to posting a misleading address, simply said that the sale was to benefit a family who had lost their home.

WFXT News identified the woman running the sale as Evangeline Brown, who told the station, "I apologize to everybody" for operating the yard sale for Marian Burbine, after closing down the yard sale after about one hour. Brown said that she was "hired to help" and regretted becoming involved.

[Image: WHDH-TV Screen Capture]