‘RHOBH’ Star Kim Richards ‘Out Of It’ During Daughter’s Wedding, But Didn’t Relapse?

RHOBH star Kim Richards attended her daughter’s wedding in Mexico over the weekend, and reportedly relapsed while there. On May 27, a source told Page Six that the RHOBH star “seemed out of it and like she was in a bit of a fog” as her daughter, Brooke Brinson, married Fatburger heir Thayer Weiderhorn.

“[Kim’s] sober coach left after day 3 and was just fed up with Kim. I think [the sober coach] was just being a little dramatic,” a source alleged to the site.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the RHOBH star was allegedly drinking or using drugs in secret, leading to strange behavior — and, according to TMZ, the exit of her rehab-appointed sober coach.

“She was definitely on something all weekend, but she wasn’t openly drinking alcohol. Kim even came to a bar one night and everyone was drinking champagne and partying around her but she didn’t take one drink.”

On the night she arrived, the RHOBH star was said to have been “the most out of it she was all weekend.” However, two days later, when her daughter wed Weiderhorn, Richards appeared to be back to her normal self, and gave a sweet toast during the reception.

“Kim gave a really sweet toast after Brooke’s first dance. She was completely coherent and seemed totally genuine and normal. She told Thayer there’s nothing that feels better as a mother than knowing Brooke is taken care of when she’s not around.”

In addition to the RHOBH star’s allegedly questionable behavior during throughout her trip to Mexico, her son, Chad Davis, who was in treatment earlier this year for psychological issues, was said to be a bit out of it, as well.

During the last day of the trip, wedding guests attended a farewell brunch at a Mexican farm, but oddly, the RHOBH star did not attend.

One month prior to Brinson’s wedding, Richards was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel, after reportedly having several cocktails at the hotel’s Polo Lounge. Following her arrest, which resulted in a number of charges, Richards appeared on Dr. Phil, where the RHOBH star admitted to relapsing months prior. Days later, Richards entered a sober living facility, which allowed her to leave the center during designated times, and gave her a pass to go to Mexico for her daughter’s wedding.

The RHOBH star was expected to reenter rehab by Monday, but at this point, she doesn’t appear to have done so.

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