Microsoft destroys FriendFeed (or how to come up with a high traffic post)

Does you blog need a traffic boost? Traffic off a little bit and need some link love? Let me explain how it’s done.

1: Pick the name of major company who regularly does things.

Your best bet is always one of the following: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IAC, FIM (Fox Interactive Media.) Note besides Fox, media companies don’t cut it any more because most of them are struggling.

2: Pick an action word

For example: acquires, copies, partners, destroys, beats, molests….well maybe not the last one.

3: Pick a target.

The idea is to pick a service or company that is considered “cool” or “in.” Suggestions include Twitter, FriendFeed, Digg, Evernote, Plasq, Second Life..maybe not the last one.

4. Acquire a standard dice, roll it to come up with the number of anonymous internal sources to be used in the post.

5. ????

6. WIN.

Hat tip to Kara Swisher for the inspiration.