'Racist Little Boy' Calls Black Man At Playground With Daughter A 'N*****' [Video]

What some are calling a 7-year-old "racist little boy" was captured calling a man a "black n****r" on a now viral video that has been making the rounds to sites like World Star Hip Hop and Opposing Views.

The video begins with the small white child stepping into view and the person recording -- a dad at the park with his daughter -- giving some explanation as to why his phone camera was trained on the little boy.

"Go ahead, Caleb," the man said. "This is Caleb. We're at Lincoln Park right now. He wants to tell me something. What was that?"

After the introduction, Caleb repeats what he'd apparently just said, calling the man a "black n****r."

"I have no idea where his parents are," the man responded to the camera. "I don't even know this little guy. I've never, ever wanted to strike a kid but he kind of makes me want to. He randomly just walked up to me and started doing this."

Caleb's racial slur captured the attention of some of the other children at the playground. One little girl asked, "Do you believe this?"

"Who taught you that, Caleb?" she asked him directly.

Caleb said he didn't know, to which the little girl asked if people "just say it around you?"

After a bit of shaming, the 7-year-old acknowledged that what he said wasn't very nice, and he didn't know why he said it.

"Wow, this is the future," the man grunted.

It seems more of these white racism videos are starting to make the rounds. In fact, earlier today the Inquisitr reported on one incident where a woman was filmed verbally abusing a black man with tons of racial slurs before she finally spits on him.

He slapped her, an action that many online commenters were wanting to perform on the so-called "racist little boy" above.

"Shoot it now before it spreads," wrote one commenter.

"I would have stretched out my legs and kick [sic] the little n***a to the other side of the playground," wrote another.

Another individual said he would have "rocked his a**," and a fourth person, when asked why someone would want to attack a 7-year-old who'd clearly learned his behavior from an adult, made this comment.

"Make him think twice next time he tries some dumb s**t."
While some believe you can live up to the "racist little boy" label, others noted that it wasn't the youngster's fault. What do you think, readers? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via screen grab from video linked above]