Viral Video: Angry Woman Repeats Hateful Racial Insult On Camera — Receives Instant Smackdown

A video of an extremely angry woman repeating a hateful racial insult even as she knows she is being recorded went widely viral this week, and is being seen as cold, hard evidence that blatant racism remains sadly alive in America.

But that may not be the only reason the video went viral. Shot at the annual Black Bike Week gathering in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, last weekend, the video concludes with the racially offensive woman receiving a dose of payback from the man behind the camera, a man who is presumably African-American.

While it is easy to see exactly why the above video has gone viral, be warned before viewing — the video contains highly offensive language, including both repeated racial epithets and profanity.

Worth noting, the man filming video, at first, demonstrates an incredible patience with the woman, who hurls the racial epithet "n****r" at him over and over again.

The man filming the video asks the woman who identifies herself as "Tara... a man f*****g b***h," why she had just used the term directly to a black man.

Tara replies, "Because he's a n****r. He's a filthy f*****g n****r."

Though she asserts in the video that she does not use the hateful term to refer to all black people, saying, "I call people n*****s if they act like n*****s." she then calls the man doing the filming a "n****r" as well.

As she speaks on her cell phone, she can be heard telling the person on the other end, "This stupid n****r's filming me, so you need to hurry up."

But not even finding himself on the receiving end of the racial epithet himself can push the man doing the filming over the edge. But he does, indeed, get pushed over the edge — when Tara spits in his face.

The video is just the latest racist outburst and public use of the "N-word" as a term of hatred directed at blacks by whites.

For example, when United States President Barack Obama joined Twitter with a personal account last week, numerous users threw the term at him in their replies, including one who referred to the president as a "tree swinging n****r," which could be a reference to the practice in the 19th and early 20th centuries of lynching black people by hanging them from trees.

However, certainly not everyone who has used the racial insult in public received the type of comeuppance dished out to the woman in the video.

[Image: YouTube Screen Capture]