Madonna Disser Drake Will Play To Several Empty Seats In Detroit: Can Rihanna Help?

Poor Drake. Not only did his Coachella performance receive awful reviews, but it appears that people just aren’t interested in seeing him perform. Well, that’s at least the case in Detroit. Wednesday evening’s performance is far from sold out. In fact, judging by ticket availability at Ticketmaster, Drake may have to give away tickets to the show.

Several searches for ticket pairs gives you the choice to sit very close to the stage. In fact, a search for eight Drake tickets next to each other shows that premium floor seats are still available.

This means that many rows could be almost empty, or at least half empty. If you want to buy cheaper tickets in the yellow section, there are so many available that you may want to check for people giving them away at the show. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the show won’t make money; it will. But for the man who prides himself into being the boss of hip hop music, this is definitely a disappointment.

Drake’s Coachella performance, which received terrible reviews, is perhaps part of the reason ticket sales are so bad. Consequence of Sound asked if Drake was the worst Coachella headliner in history.

“Drake’s Coachella debut featured high-profile cameos from Madonna and Nicki Minaj, and also indirectly led to Justin Bieber getting put in a stranglehold. But the reviews of Drake’s own performance have been anything but kind, and that’s including the rapper’s own personal opinion.”

The most memorable part of Drake’s Coachella performance had nothing to do with the music. Both he and Madonna teased a kiss for month on Instagram. When Madonna actually kissed him, Drake gave a look of disgust. While some in the media defended Drake (and even accused Madonna of sexually assaulting him), others slammed Drake for shaming Madonna during the stunt, which many believe both of them had planned. Madonna, herself, revealed that Drake asked her to kiss him for months.

Drake thought that replacing the name “Madonna” with “Rihanna” in the song he wrote about the Material Girl would help him. Perhaps Drake failed to realize that Rihanna isn’t exactly current; her two latest singles “American Oxygen” and “Bi*ch Better Have My Money” were major flops. While Madonna didn’t exactly win any new fans with the stunt, Drake obviously hasn’t either. It will be interesting to see what stunts Drake comes up with to help poor ticket sales over the next couple of months.

[Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images]