‘Bachelorette’ 2015 Spoilers For Week 3: Kaitlyn Bristowe Faces Drama, Questions Priorities Of Guys

Kaitlyn Bristowe is ABC’s Bachelorette 2015 season lead and she’s got her first round of dates behind her now. What can viewers expect in Week 3? The next episode airs on Monday, June 1 and everybody is anxious to see what comes next with Kupah’s drama, the rose ceremony, and the next dates.

As fans saw in the Week 2 episode, Kaitlyn eliminated Kupah James after he challenged her on not showing enough interest in him. He didn’t leave quietly, however, and viewers also did not get to see the rose ceremony. Based on Reality Steve’s spoilers, when the next episode does pick up again and Kupah’s drama is resolved, Bristowe will eliminate Daniel and Cory Shivar.

ABC teases Bachelorette spoilers that next up will be a sumo wrestling group date. One guy is not happy with the plan for this date and he doesn’t hide what he thinks. Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that this refers to Tony, who decides not to participate and it may well lead to his departure from the show.

One bachelor is said to lay his heart on the line with Kaitlyn at the after party, telling her he’s falling for her quickly. Another guy seems to think that things aren’t meeting his expectations and he gets vocal about it.

Ben Zorn gets a one-on-one date with Kaitlyn and the pair has to face an “Escape Room” that apparently is filled with snakes and scorpions. While it may be a non-romantic and terrifying setting, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Ben does get a rose on this date.

The other group date involves an elementary school. ABC’s Bachelorette spoilers tease that the guys will have to teach a class to kids on the birds and the bees and this is surely going to get awkward. In addition, a brewing bromance may rub Kaitlyn the wrong way.

The new preview for the Week 3 episode shared by E! Online gives a bit of insight into this bromance. It involves JJ Lane and Clint Arlis, though it looks like the network is having a bit of over-the-top fun with this one. The network’s Bachelorette spoilers reveal that there will be some drama regarding a split in the house and Kaitlyn will detail that she’s taken a step back regarding some of the guys.

It seems that Bristowe has some questions about which bachelors are there for the infamous “right reasons” and this may be a dramatic cocktail party and rose ceremony. While Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Ben Higgins and Shawn Booth end up with group date roses this week, Clint Arlis goes from having a one-on-one date in Week 2 to an early elimination in Week 3.

It seems that Clint gets a bit abrasive or dramatic at the cocktail party and Kaitlyn eliminates him. In addition, Tony seemingly can’t recover from the idea of the sumo group date and he’s said to be gone prior to the rose ceremony. Since the eliminations are already over before the rose ceremony, Bachelorette spoilers indicate that there’s no need to hand out roses this time around and Kaitlyn and the remaining guys prepare for a trip to New York.

Will Kaitlyn Bristowe find love this season? Britt Nilsson seemingly has with Brady Toops and now fans are curious to see just how things go for Kaitlyn. Tune in to ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season airing on Monday nights to see just how it all plays out.

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