iPhone Crash: If You Receive This Text Message, Your Phone Will Crash [Photo]

The notable claim about Apple products' inability to crash or get viruses may be questioned if recent reports are found to be true. Apparently, there's a text message virus being passed around and unfortunately, it causes operational failure when sent to iPhones. The coding consists of a very specific string of text characters that are sent through SMS or iMessages.

According to Mirror Online, the text message coding tampers with an internal bug in the Apple OS, which causes the phone to shut down immediately when the text message is received. This means anyone can crash your iPhone as long as they have the destructive text message coding.

Gizmodo reports that the coding specifically causes Message failure, but if the phone is locked, it can cause the phone to reboot. Once the phone reboots, the user is permanently locked out of the Messaging application. However, there have been many cases where the operating system has crashed. Although most people would insist the logical thing to do would be to simply delete the message, but most users are unaware of the potential damage the message can cause. Once it's sent to the phone, it's already too late.

Unfortunately, the text message isn't just being sent around by computer whizzes and pranksters. Apparently, lots of people are sending the potentially catastrophic message to people they know in order to crash their phone as a joke. But, of course, iPhone users who have already been duped aren't too happy.

Several users are voiced their frustrations via Reddit and Twitter. Once the phone crashes, all files on the phone are lost. That means music, pictures, documents, videos - no matter how important these files are, once the phone crashes they're gone.

iphone crash

Hopefully, Apple can solve the problem before thousands of others are duped. It has been reported that the iPhone issue is being taken cared of as swiftly as possible.

[Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images]