Bristol Palin Speaks Out: Addressing ‘Elephant In The Room,’ Palin Confirms She’s Not Getting Married

Bristol Palin finally speaks out about her canceled wedding and asks fans to send their prayers to her during this difficult time. According to the Huffington Post, Palin took to her blog to confirm that she is not getting married, and that she is essentially moving on.

“I guess you have seen by now that the wedding — that was supposed to happen last weekend –was called off. I’m sure you’ve seen this has been all over the media, but this is a painful time for family and friends and I would just really appreciate your prayers. I know God’s plan is greater than anything else, and Tripp and I are in Alaska beginning to rebuild our lives under much different circumstances than we anticipated.”

Bristol Palin chose to speak out about her situation, likely because the rumors really haven’t stopped. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, news broke that Bristol’s fiance, Dakota Meyer, was previously married, and that he kept his other wife a secret. While a lot of people figured that this was something Bristol knew about, she ended up breaking things off with him days later regardless.

Dakota, a Medal of Honor recipient, has not released any kind of statement. It is unknown if he and Bristol are talking at all, but it seems his want to leave his past in the past ended up biting him in the behind. While several outlets reported that Dakota had gotten divorced in 2010, other outlets claimed that he may not have been divorced — and that’s a good enough reason to call off a wedding, isn’t it? Further details about the marriage have been sealed.

According to Mail Online, it wasn’t Bristol Palin who announced that her wedding was off. It was actually her mother, Sarah Palin, who addressed the public.

“They have informed loved ones that unfortunately the announced celebration planned for May 23 will not be held. Many friends and family still look forward to getting together that day in Kentucky anyway – and the Palins and Meyers are happily looking forward to still being at “the old Kentucky home” on May 23 to celebrate life, in general,” Sarah explained at the time.

Although Bristol Palin spoke out about her current situation, she hasn’t been sitting at home feeling bad for herself. She has been spending time with family and friends, and posting photos to Instagram to prove it.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]