Lindsay Lohan Binging Again — To Complete Her Community Service In The Nick Of Time

Lindsay Lohan has been binging… on community service.

In order to avoid jail time, the beleaguered actress is required to complete her mandated community service by Thursday.

So Lindsay Lohan got busy over Memorial Day weekend working hard to meet that deadline, despite naysayers who said it couldn’t be done.

A judge ruled that unless Lindsay Lohan completes her community service by Thursday, she would be facing jail time.

According to Page Six, the Mean Girls star was ordered by a judge to complete a 125 hours of community service hours in connection with a 2012 DUI case.

According to TMZ, Lindsay went to Brooklyn earlier this month to try beat that court deadline.

In order to complete her task, she needed to complete 115 hours, which basically meant she would need to work eight hours a day, every single day.

TMZ said before the Memorial Day weekend that Lindsay Lohan still had 26 hours to complete, and so she spent the holiday weekend working at a New York LGBT Youth Center and was back at it Tuesday helping out at a Brooklyn child service center.

The center told TMZ that Lindsay Lohan worked eight hours on Tuesday and will do likewise on Wednesday.

You know what that means, folks? Lindsay Lohan will complete her community service today, just in the nick of time.

If Lindsay Lohan doesn’t manage to get her tail into work today, however, that might mean jail time. The judge has said that one way or another, the DUI case will be closed with the actress either completing her community service and taken off probation or she’ll head to jail.

TMZ also reports that once that last hour of community service is completed, Lindsay Lohan will get the heck out of Dodge, jump on a plane and head back to London before her court hearing.

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, will reportedly share the good news with the judge in her stead.

Way to go Lindsay Lohan!

[Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images]