Guy Shoots Sex Tape With Girlfriend, Then Leaves It On A Bus — But That’s Not Even The Whole Story

A guy in England found himself in a fine mess of a situation right out of the movie Sex Tape, when, after the man and his girlfriend had a little fun with a video camera — and each other — the hapless Casanova left a duffel bag containing the highly personal video footage on a public bus.

But the potential humiliation of having explicit video of himself in his most intimate moments with his gal pal floating around in public, well, that was not even the worst part of this debacle for the man, whose name has not been made public — for reasons that will quickly become clear.

The incident took place sometime last week, when the frantic bus passenger placed a phone call to the East Yorkshire Motor Services company, operator of the Number 17 bus that runs regularly between Scarborough and Eastfield in the northern English county of Yorkshire, to report his missing property.

Staff at the bus company searched for the duffel bag — or “holdall” as they call it — but found nothing.

In the 2014 Hollywood comedy Sex Tape, Cameron Diaz and Jason Siegel portray a couple whose bedroom life is on the wane until they decide to spice things up by making their own, as the title states, home video of themselves engaged in all varieties of sex acts.

Of course, the fictional couple in the film never intend for anyone other than themselves to view the sex tape — which, as could be expected in a typically zany Hollywood romp, promptly goes missing.

That’s more or less what happened to our unfortunate Englishman. One big difference between real life and the film, however, is that in the fictional version — spoiler alert! — the couple played by Diaz and Siegel eventually recover their sex tape.

The Yorkshire man, sadly (for him) appears to have lost the video forever.

But there is one other huge and important difference between life and art in this case. While in the movie, the two main characters are (more or less) happily married, the panicked English bloke made his sex tape with a girlfriend.

Nothing wrong with that — except for the fact that he, too is married. And not to the lady in the sex tape.

“He admitted he was married and his wife was not in the movie but his girlfriend was,” recounted Chris Agar, a depot manager for the bus company. “He was more concerned about the fact his wife would find out. All we can assume is that someone on the bus decided to walk off with the holdall and got more than they bargained for.”

Let’s hope for the man’s sake that he avoids the fate of the couple in the Sex Tape movie, whose video gets uploaded to an internet porn site. On the other hand, what do you think? Would that be poetic justice for a man who cheats on his wife — and is dumb enough to make a video of himself in the physical act of infidelity?

[Image: Dariush M/Shutterstock]