Westboro Baptist Church Fail: Attempt To Protest Ireland ‘YES’ On Gay Marriage Vote Heckles Ivory Coast Instead

The Westboro Baptist Church, not known for being a particularly delightful church congregation, has been left with a great mess of embarrassing egg on its face while doing its Westboro Baptist Church-best to heckle Ireland for legalizing Gay Marriage on Saturday.

The problem was, the Westboro Baptist Church anti-gay-protester contingent couldn’t figure out how to order the stripes and colors of Ireland’s flag and ended up dissing the Ivory Coast instead, reports the Huffington Post.

Westboro Baptist boy rips man
A Westboro Baptist Church “elder” defends himself against a Westboro Baptist “youth” after the boy chastised him for getting the Irish flag wrong.

The whole anti-Ireland — which ended up being anti-Ivory Coast — Westboro Baptist Church hate group fiasco, instead of focusing on their non-acceptance of gay marriage in Ireland, shined a hilarious light on the Westboro Baptists’ not being too bright, opening a floodgate of well-deserved ridicule.



The Westboro Baptist Church hate group staged its protest in response to the citizens of Ireland voting a reported 60 percent in favor of allowing same-sex marriage, the Irish result coming in Saturday. This apparently left the Westboro Baptists salivating for some perceived retribution, unleashing their trademark shameless signs and wacky Westboro Baptist Church member behavior.

The flags of Ireland and Ivory Coast are similar, with Ireland’s stripes going green, white, orange, from left to right, while the Ivory Coast flag’s stripes go orange, white, green, left-to-right, the Westboro Baptist Church’s Irish protest flags obviously making them look foolish.

At the same time, while the Westboro Baptist Church’s Irish flag mistake is showcased below, the indoctrination of an otherwise beautiful child into the church’s hate is far more disturbing than any humor to be had from the failed protest.

Westboro Baptist Church child indoctrination
Westboro Baptist Church members shamelessly indoctrinate their children to hate.

Of course after the Westboro Baptist Church was widely shamed, ridiculed, and called stupid across social media for their mistake, the church tried to salvage some pride, saying they turned the Irish flag upside down on purpose to signify Ireland being in distress for supporting gay marriage and gay rights.


The people of Ireland, meanwhile, moved forward, despite the Westboro Baptist Church’s protest, celebrating their support of gay marriage and gay rights on the Emerald Isle.

Ireland, gay marriage
The people of Ireland celebrate a positive vote in favor of Gay Marriage in Ireland.

As for the Ivory Coast, no reaction yet from the country regarding the Westboro Baptist Church’s unwarranted condemnation.

[Images International Business Times, Twitter, and Vine]