Graduate Gives Powerful Prayer During Medical Emergency At Commencement, Crowd Left Cheering [Video]

A high school graduate, Christian Crawford, stepped up to the podium during a medical emergency during commencement at Clay-Chalksville High School in Alabama and prayed an impromptu prayer for the healing of the woman in the crowd. The graduate says that “God began to speak through me,” and that the message God wanted to give was the he is “a fixer.” A video of the speech was uploaded to YouTube and has since gone viral with over 435,000 views.

The video, which was shared by the Trussville Tribune, shows the moment that Christian Crawford stepped to the podium to give a prayer for an ailing woman in the audience. Crawford says that he did not have a prayer prepared and just let God speak through him. When speaking with Fox and Friends, Crawford says that the message God wanted to deliver that evening to the 1,000 plus people in attendance is that “God is a fixer.”

“I said, ‘Lord, let your will be done.’ I opened up my mouth and God began to speak through me. The Holy Spirit began to speak and he said, through me, ‘God is a fixer.’ “

Crawford says the graduation ceremony was going normally until cries of “medic, medic, medic!” could be heard in the crowd. Initially, the ceremony was silenced until the school librarian turned to Crawford and asked if he would like to go to the podium to pray. The request was fitting, as Crawford had given the commencement ceremony’s opening prayer earlier in the evening. Crawford says that when he got to the podium, he let God do the speaking and what came out was inspiring to many in the crowd.

“Everybody, can I have your attention real quick? We don’t know what’s going on, but we will pray. We know that prayer is power, and that God is able. Let’s pray. Father God, we thank you for this day, Lord. We pray right now that whatever is going on, you will fix it, God. We pray that you will heal it, God. We pray that you will redeem it, God. We pray that you will deliver it, God. Because we know that you are a God who knows how to make a way. And in the name of Jesus we declare and decree in the name of Jesus that whatever is going on shall be fixed because you are a God who is a fixer. You are a God who is a healer. Jehovah God, Jehovah-Jireh, Jehovah-Nissi, Jehovah-Shiloh. Fix it, Jesus. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

He thought nothing more of the prayer until after the ceremony when people began approaching him and telling him that he “gave them hope” for his generation. Crawford said he was also pleased to hear the woman who experienced the medical emergency is now doing fine.

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