Man Allegedly Choked His Fiancée For Saying IndyCar Is Better Than NASCAR

An Indiana man was arrested after his fiancée said she was choked by the man for trash-talking NASCAR. David Wilson, 57, was arrested on charges of domestic battery and strangulation after he got into an argument with his fiancée who said that IndyCar was better than NASCAR. Wilson claims that the pair argued but that he never strangled the woman.

Fox 59 reports that David Wilson was arrested after his fiancée called 911 and reported that he had attempted to choke her. Police note that a 911 call was made by the woman who claimed that she was sitting in the living room watching the Indianapolis 500 when she had a disagreement with Wilson over whether IndyCar or NASCAR was better. The woman claims that Wilson then began ranting about NASCAR, came towards her, and choked her. The woman does admit that the pair had been drinking all day prior to the incident.

During the 911 call, the woman claims that Wilson yelled at her, “Who are you calling?” and took the phone away from her. He then got on the phone and spoke to the dispatcher, noting “everything is fine here” and hung up the phone. The dispatcher sent police to the location anyway where police spoke with the alleged victim and Wilson.

Wilson had a different version of the story for police that did not involve strangulation attempts. Wilson says that he heard the woman he is supposed to marry talking trash about NASCAR while he was in the kitchen making dinner. He loves NASCAR so he yelled at her from the kitchen. Wilson says at no point did he try to strangle the woman. The man also noted that he was also angry that no one would help with household chores.

According to Fox 13, Wilson and the woman had been drinking throughout the day and that Wilson claims the confrontation was a combination of anger over hearing the woman tell another individual that IndyCar was better than NASCAR and the lack of help around the house. When police arrived on the scene they checked the woman for signs of strangulation or choking. The report indicates that the police were unable to identify any signs of strangulation on the woman. However, Wilson was still arrested for domestic battery and strangulation and taken into custody.

What do you think of a domestic dispute and arrest over IndyCar versus NASCAR? Do you think NASCAR or IndyCar is better?

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