Man Missing For 23 Years Found: Man’s Body Was In Car Submerged In Kansas Lake

A man missing for 23 years was found submerged in a Kansas lake on Tuesday. According to Yahoo! News, the body of Fremont O’Berg was in the driver’s seat of a car that had somehow ended up under water. Authorities say that O’Berg — who was 57-years-old when he went missing back in 1992 — was the only body inside the 1981 Chevrolet Citation.

“A fisherman reported seeing the vehicle on sonar used to find fish, [said Wayne Minckley, undersheriff of Miami County]. Divers on Thursday found the car about 40 feet from a boat ramp on the lake, which is about 40 miles southwest of Kansas City, Minckley said. The car was towed by chain to shore.”

After the man missing for 23 years was found, an autopsy was conducted to determine his cause of death. Authorities say that they do not suspect foul play. Although no one wants to hear of an outcome like this, it does allow for O’Berg’s family to have closure.

“You are always hopeful, but sometimes you think it is never going to be solved after 20 years. It’s a huge relief for the family as well as for the sheriff’s office,” said Minckley.

According to NewsMax, the O’Berg family released a statement after getting confirmation that the body found was indeed their dad’s. While they are thankful for the work done thus far, they still want answers as to what happened to their dad back in January of 1992. Reports indicate that O’Berg was last seen in Miami county (he lived in Paola, Kansas, not too far from the lake) carrying a set of car keys and a pocket knife.

“Our father’s recovery answers many questions and is bringing much needed closure for our family. We are fully confident that the Miami County sheriff will continue to see this case through to its completion.”

As of now, authorities seem to believe that O’Berg drifted off the road, and that his car ended up in the lake, likely by accident.

Earlier this week, a couple who had gone missing in California were found. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cecil Knutson, 79, and Dianna Bedwell, 68, went missing on May 10, but were found alive this week thanks to “extensive air and ground searches.” It is still unclear what happened to the two, but their family is happy that they are both alive.

[Photo by Doris Antony, Berlin, via Wikimedia Commons]