Community Bands Together To Pay For Toddler’s Medical Device After Insurance Denies Claim

A family from Locust Grove, Georgia, was repeatedly denied insurance coverage for an expensive piece of medical equipment that their two-year-old son Paxton McClung needed to help him build muscles in his legs so that, hopefully, one day he would be able to walk. The piece of equipment is called a “stander” and costs roughly $4,300. However, the family was devastated when they learned that the insurance company would not cover the equipment. Despite the fight from the insurance company, Paxton will get the medical help he needs thanks to neighbors who stepped in to lend a helping hand.

WSBTV reports that Paxton McClung was diagnosed with cortical displaysia when he was born. The condition forms while the child is still in the womb and prevents neurons from migrating correctly to the left side of the brain. As a result, Paxton suffered from severe seizures and underwent two surgeries to combat the issue. One of the surgeries was a left functional hemispherectomy which disconnected the left and right side of his brain. The surgery was successful and stopped Paxton’s severe daily seizures. However, as a result of the surgery, Paxton now suffers from ” muscle weakness, vision field loss, and loss of fine motor skills.”

Therefore, the family had hoped to purchase a piece of equipment suggested by doctors called a “stander.” The stander would be used to hold Paxton in a standing position. The device helps build muscle, bone density, and increases joint stability according to his mother Megan McClung.

“It will help him build muscle in his legs and his abs so that he’ll be able to hopefully walk, and stand up and crawl and sit up and all the things we’ve been looking forward to.”

However, the family quickly found out that the insurance company would not cover the expensive device and they were repeatedly told no by the provider. Despite the insurance provider denying their claims, Paxton will get his new medical device thanks to the support of the Locust Grove community. A silent auction and yard sale were organized for the family which raised $3,600. In addition to the yard sale, the community also set up a GoFundMe page which raised an additional $3,000.

Now, the McClung family can pay for the medical devices their son desperately needs. The funds can also be used to help pay for the travel expenses associated with getting Paxton to and from Cincinnati, where the child received his brain surgery.

[Image Credit: GoFundMe]