Jerry Stiller Short Film Makes The Festival Rounds

Jerry Stiller plays Harry, a man who takes an old-school approach to life, who is forced to adjust to a more technologically advanced way of living when he and his wife move in with their daughter and son-in-law in Simpler Times.

Jerry Stiller appears alongside his late wife Anne Meara in Simpler Times. The two formed the comedy team Stiller and Meara in the 1960s, making a living performing on popular variety shows. Stiller and Meara continued successfully into the 1970s, where the comedy team eventually dissolved, but the marriage continued. Meara took on a variety of television and motion picture roles going forward, and the couple appeared together from time to time in special projects over the years. Their last appearance on film together is in Simpler Times. Meara passed away May 23, at the age of 85.


Stiller also makes a guest appearance in the movie Deli Man, a documentary about the disappearing tradition of the New York delicatessen.

"Like a fat slab of pastrami, Deli Man is the cinematic equivalent to comfort food: warm, generous and made with love," said Michael O'Sullivan in a review of Deli Man in the Washington Post. Deli Man was released in a limited number of theaters in February, and according to its webpage, it is slated for release on DVD and Blu-ray on July 7.


Jerry Stiller can be seen in Simpler Times as it makes its way through various film festivals nationally. Simpler Times will be featured at the 7th Annual Lighthouse International Film Festival in New Jersey on June 6, at the 9th Annual Manhattan Film Festival on June 12, and at the 8th Annual Columbia Gorge International Film Festival in August.

[Photo courtesy of Sara Jaye/Getty Images]