Bounce House Disaster At Fort Lauderdale, Florida Beach [Video]

A bouncy house disaster in Fort Lauderdale, Florida flew into the air and left four children injured - one seriously. A waterspout spun onto the short at the beach park and lifted two bounce houses about 50 feet into the air on Monday.

The bouncy house disaster sent three children to the Broward Health Medical Center, according to Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Timothy Heiser. All three of the children injured in the Florida bounce house accident were under 8 years old. Two of the children were released after being treated for "minor injuries, including fractures," and a third was kept overnight for observation. The fourth child injured in the Fort Lauderdale bouncy house accident was treated at the scene.

All three were under 8 years old, according to Fort Lauderdale Police Sgt. DeAnna Greenlaw. One was being held overnight for observation, with the two others released after being treated for minor injuries, including fractures.

A video recorded by a Fort Lauderdale beachgoer captured a waterspout rolling onto the shore and released a spray of water in the direction of the bouncy house. Lifeguards quickly blew their whistles and people ran for safety. A few seconds after the whistles were heard, the bounce house was lifted approximately 50 feet in the air and then tumbled over the beach parking lot and onto the busy A1A state road - an into four lanes of traffic.

Three of the children inside the bouncy house fell out of the inflatable play structure and onto the sand. It remains unclear how the fourth child was injured, according to local police reports. The bounce house ultimately stopped moving and landed in the Bahia Mar parking lot.

When the waterspout that lifted the bouncy house 50 feet in the air hit shore, it technically became a tornado. The waterspout was estimated to be 10 yards wide and possessed wind reaching up to 85 miles-per-hour.

"Most of the time, waterspouts dissipate before they come on shore," weather forecaster Chuck Caracozza said. "There was probably a very minor shower in the area that had a little rotation with it, and that's what sparked it."

The Fort Lauderdale bouncy house was reportedly set-up and secured properly. The injured children received first aid immediately by God Squad members. The group is comprised of volunteers from various organizations who worked to "keep the peace" during the long holiday weekend.God Squad members "were able to keep things calm" when parents and Florida beachgoers were in a state of panic, according to the Fort Lauderdale police.

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