WWE News: WWE Planning To Push WWE NXT Champion Kevin Owens In A Big Way Very Soon

WWE NXT Champion Kevin Owens has made a huge impact since he arrived in WWE. Not only did he make a mark on his first day, but he ended up winning the NXT Championship in his first few matches and has held it since then without even coming close to dropping it to anyone. He has dominated almost everyone he has faced in the ring and, once he debuted on he main roster, he did the same to John Cena.

Last week on WWE RAW, Kevin Owens debuted during John Cena’s US Title Open Challenge. It was thought that Cena would be facing Owens for the title, but Owens declined and ended up delivering a pop-up powerbomb to the leader of the Cenation. However, this was not in the plans right off. In fact, this whole debut was supposed to happen later on.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Kevin Owens was supposed to debut and have a rivalry with Cena like we are seeing. However, it was set to happen at the end of the summer. The rivalry ended up getting rushed to have Owens take part in the Elimination Chamber PPV. The debut last week was done to help WWE promote the NXT Special that happened last week as well. So all of this kind of worked for WWE in a bit of a chaotic way.

The Chamber PPV was a last minute move by WWE, so much so that they had to rush it a bit and set a lot of stuff up that probably won’t result in much. It is said that the only title that will change hands will be the Intercontinental Title simply because it has to. This is the main reason WWE is hyping the John Cena vs Kevin Owens match as a champion vs champion match, with neither title on the line. WWE doesn’t want to make it obvious who will win if a title is forced.

The idea is that Owens is helping to build NXT while working with Cena, but he is also building himself.

According to Cageside Seats, Kevin Owens has major supporters in big positions with WWE. This is the reason he has been pushed to heavily and will continue to be pushed to the moon. Apparently, WWE has big plans for him that could very well start this year. It is uncertain what WWE plans to do. Owens is still not technically part of the main roster.

He will be working with Samoa Joe after his match with Cena at the Elimination Chamber PPV. However, his match with Joe might be where he drops the title so he can move up on a permanent basis. So expect Kevin Owens to be with NXT until at least the next WWE NXT special. However, after that he could very well be part of the main roster to start his major push.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]