WWE News: Samoa Joe Set To Be Part Of ‘Elimination Chamber’ PPV, Interfering In John Cena Vs Kevin Owens?

In a surprising turn of events, former TNA star Samoa Joe made his WWE debut this past week at WWE NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, the latest live NXT special. It was a cool moment, and he made quite the impact. Not only did his arrival make waves in the Full Sail Live Arena, but online it seemed like the world blew up when they saw the Samoa Submission Machine. WWE was clearly happy with the reception he received.

However, what if things got a bit cooler for Samoa Joe?

According to Cageside Seats, there has been some serious talk about having Samoa Joe get involved in the John Cena vs Kevin Owens match at the Elimination Chamber PPV next Sunday. This would be both Joe and Owens’ first WWE PPV appearances, but even more so it would be the first time an NXT angle was shot in any way on a WWE PPV of any kind.

Many believe WWE considers this just as a WWE Network special. However, that is not the case. WWE is treating this like any other PPV, and they’re even getting in touch with PPV providers to have it available on more outlets than the WWE Network itself. For all intents and purposes, nothing will be different than a normal main roster PPV.

Having Samoa Joe get involved in a WWE PPV in any way would be terrific. Imagine the potential pop he could get if he and Owens started fighting on the show. That only helps to highlight NXT.

Most suspect WWE would have Joe simply get involved if Owens began attacking Cena after the match or something along those lines, similar to how he did with Sami Zayn this past week at Takeover. Clearly, the two aren’t going to fight on the main roster at this point, but by having this angle take place, it will surely highlight NXT so that when the two do lock horns, it’ll be a big deal.

It appears that Joe is going to be mainly with NXT until WWE figures out if they want to have him exclusively or not. However, he could always make a main roster appearance or two to set up some angles. I’m sure no one will have a problem with that. WWE is marketing him like an exclusive name already though.

It is quite interesting that WWE allowed Samoa Joe to keep his name. According to PWInsider, apparently this was a Triple H call all the way. WWE is doing the same thing they did with CM Punk in regards to merchandise and things like that involving Joe. It was a smart call to not make him change a name people know well. Most expect WWE to continue to allow him to keep his name, even if he’s put under an exclusive deal.

[IMG Credit: mtv.co.uk]