Alicia Vikander Is Taking All Of The Best Roles And Men Hollywood Has To Offer

Two years ago, Alicia Vikander was nowhere to be seen on the Hollywood radar. She had been turning heads in her native country of Sweden. Vikander had even been met with some critical praise for her roles in films like Anna Karenina, A Royal Affair, and Fifth Estate. However, at the beginning of 2015, few people would have been able to predict how Vikander’s career would take off.

Alicia Vikander has quickly become one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. Most of the hype has come from her standout performance in this year’s thriller Ex Machina. She plays a sleek and sexy AI, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, she is “the heart and soul” of the film. Despite the accolades, she is quick to deflect the praise to her peers, which can’t help but win people over in a usually selfish Hollywood atmosphere.

It’s wonderful when you get on a project and you just feel like everyone is quite excited about the film. Everyone believes in it. The gaffers and runners and set builders and everyone just wanted to bring their little thing to this film and it was a very good experience. That’s when filmmaking is the best, when everything moves like little machinery.

Ex Machina is just the first of six films for Alicia Vikander this year. She has a period piece, Tulip Fever, coming out. She is playing opposite Superman, Henry Cavill, in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. She will also be in Adam Jones as well as The Danish Girl. The last movie of the year she is opposite her real-life boyfriend, Michael Fassbender, in The Light Between Two Oceans.

Vikander and Fassbender have not been afraid to step out into public as a couple. Just this week, they were strolling the red carpet together at the Cannes Film Festival in France. From there, they moved on to the Monaco Grand Prix where they can be seen here in the pits smiling and having a great time. While she may have the eye of a star like Fassbender in her personal life, Alicia Vikander has the eye of plenty of Hollywood heavyweights in her professional life.

Alicia Vikander’s name has been attached to one of Cannes hottest pic packages, The Circle, according to UPROXX. She is to play a woman who lands a job at a “powerful tech company where she becomes involves with a mysterious man.” The man is Tom Hanks. This is turning heads enough, but what really has Hollywood buzzing are the two roles that she is said to be the leading candidate, and The Circle may be the odd movie out.

This past week, Vikander has been attached to not just one, but two high-profile Hollywood roles. IGN is reporting the first role is one of the most popular video game franchises in the past 10 years, Assassin’s Creed. This looks like a real possibility considering Fassbender is also set to play in it. The other role would have her play alongside Matt Damon as he returns for the fifth Bourne movie.

There is no doubt that we haven’t seen the last of Alicia Vikander. Her background as a ballerina has certainly given her the confidence as well as the work ethic to go far in Hollywood. Her young age has all but guaranteed she will be around for many years to come.

[Photo by The Observer]