CCTV Captures Victim Of Drive By Shooting Dodging Bullets And Returning Fire Without Ending Phone Conversation Amidst Gang Turf War [Video]

A CCTV camera captured a shocking moment in front of a Cincinnati, Ohio gas station as a gang turf war broke out. A man talking on his cell phone was shot at by rival gang members during a drive by. The man was able to dodge the oncoming bullets and return fire on the rival gang members, all while continuing his conversation on his cellular phone. The tense moments show a bystander ducking behind a car, hoping to escape harm. The video was posted on Youtube and quickly gained over 30,000 views in the first couple of days. Officers hoped the video would assist in identifying the subject so he could be taken in for questioning.

The unexpected drive by took place in Cincinnati, Ohio in front of a busy gas station. The young man was standing in front of the building talking on the phone when the bullets began to fly from the car of a rival gang. Seemingly without much thought, the victim sidestepped the oncoming bullets and returned fire, all while continuing his conversation on the phone. During the shoot out, there was only one injury which resulted in a cut knee due to some shattered glass, according to the Mirror U.K.

Captain Maris Harold of the Cincinnati police department was outraged by the blatant disregard for human life during the shootout, according to a report by WLWT TV.

"I can just tell you this is senseless and if you've see the video or shown the video this is almost like a guy who has no concerns for anybody else,"
The victim of the shooting was identified as Rayshawn Herald. He has a history of weapons and drug charges and is well known by the police department. Herold reviewed the video and was disgusted that Herald was so reckless.
"From my perspective after watching that video there's no doubt in my mind this guy is reckless. There's not a doubt in my mind we'll catch him. I'm devoting a lot of resources, the chief has given me additional resources, so there is no doubt in my mind we'll catch him,"
Ronniesha Grant was at the gas station during the drive by shootout and shared that she was scared that she might have been shot and killed during the turf war.
"We were sitting right there. One inch, a couple inches off, it would have hit her or me. It was real scary. We didn't know what to do, nobody knew what to do."
[Photo Courtesy: WLWT]