Women File Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson Over Talcum Powder

Hundreds of women have filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson, claiming their talcum powder led to women getting ovarian cancer.

The women also claim Johnson & Johnson was negligent, and the gigantic pharmaceutical company should have warned women of the toxic chemicals found in their product.

Talcum powder may be the cause of ovarian cancer, according to a number of studies. FairWarning, a non-profit investigative news organization uncovered a large number of studies that claim regular use of talcum powder increases the risk of ovarian cancer.

The FairWarning website posted the following comment concerning women regularly using talcum powder.

“Since the early 1980s, a slew of studies had found that women who regularly used talc powder for feminine hygiene had higher than average rates of ovarian cancer.”

FairWarning spokesperson, Myron Levon, offered the following explanation to Public Radio International (PRI).

“There are in the neighborhood of 700 [lawsuits,] most of them in St. Louis and in New Jersey where Johnson & Johnson is headquartered. But the numbers are still going up, so there probably will be more.”

People have been using talcum powder for decades. Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder, which contains talcum powder, was one of the company’s first products—sold to consumers for more than 100 years.