Real-Life Captain America Saves People From Collision

Luke Sharma

A real-life Captain America hit the headlines today after he saved three people from a car crash.

When two cars in Chatham County, North Carolina, collided during a mistimed overtake, onlookers were in shock as one of the cars, an SUV, began to burst into flames in front of their very eyes.

John Spurrell ran to the road to assist, but as he got there, he caught sight of a man in a Captain America t-shirt already pulling the driver from the SUV's driving seat.

Captain Steve Voglezon was quickly on the scene to burst through the fires and pull the driver out of his seat and onto the side of the road. When the off-duty army captain noticed that the man had an open wound on his ankle, he quickly created a tourniquet before returning to the blaze in order to assist the passengers in the wreckage.

Captain Voglezon and Chatham County Deputy Green then unsuccessfully attempted to pry off a door as onlookers brought them fire extinguishers to help them contain the blaze. The army captain however, had a different idea, and used the extinguishers to break the car windows to rescue yet another passenger. They did struggle to get the final female occupant through the broken window.

When questioned about his heroics, the humble army captain said that although he only has very basic first aid training, his instincts led him to perform in the heroic manner he did. Captain Voglezon also denied his heroism and stated that he was only one of many people trying to help, and that public servants do things like that every day. The Deputy also commended the entire group, as well as Captain Voglezon.

"We had the Army, the Sheriff's Office, the fire department, neighbors. I was very pleased that we had the people there that we did."

[Photo: CBS 5]