LED Light Therapy Facials At $550 A Pop: Will Light-Emitting Diode Therapy Make You Look Younger?

According to the Guardian, light-emitting diode therapy is huge in 2015. Also known as LED light therapy, the process finds users placing plastic face masks lit from the inside on their faces. The goal is to reduce wrinkles, scars, and help healing — all factors that seek to help the consumers appear younger with refreshed skin.

While writer Rhik Samadder said he didn’t look younger after exiting his session with the LED light therapy at a beauty convention, he did admit to feeling more relaxed. Instead, the journalist praised the laser teeth whitening at the King’s English spelled Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show, which he said does actually work.

Harper’s Bazaar reports on the LED facial trends, as well as the high price tag that can accompany such fare at the businesses of places that use the LED masks.

Georgia Louise is the skin guru who stars Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone use for their glowing skin, reports Style.

Louise’s shop in Manhattan’s Central Park West features the $2,900 Deesse Spectrum Mask, an LED mask contraption that gives her clients a glowing and ethereal, otherworldly look while they are using the device, and afterward. Georgia also purports that a series of the $550 customized facials and LED treatments will make skin look better and help dial back the years.

Linda Evangelista was the initial client to buy one, says Louise, and the LED facials surged from that point on. The LED device works by sending wavelengths of light energy to the deeper layers of the skin. Such a process targets acne-causing bacteria and collagen stimulation — all fountain of youth things that can improve appearance.

The LED mask might be the portable facial you can take with you everywhere in the future, reports Vogue. Already on Amazon products claiming to be the Deesse masks are being sold, along with other light therapy products touting their acne-killing benefits.

While some of these light therapy products only have a blue light, Deesse boasts both red and blue lights. According to the Mayo Clinic, a combination of red and blue light therapy can be effective against acne, and the Deesse red and blue lights can be used together. The third near-infrared light claims to help circulation and heal scars.

As reported by the Inquisitr, urine facials are another newly buzzed about acne treatment that cost a lot less than some of the other aforementioned treatments for folks who get over the “ick” factor.

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