Oklahoma Teen Brutally Beaten In Classroom As Teacher Takes Attendance, Does Nothing

The parents of a brutally beaten Oklahoma teen are seeking answers to why their son was assaulted by bullies in a classroom at school. According to several news reports, the teacher was actually inside the classroom at Western Heights High School when the brutal attack took place. However, she was reportedly taking attendance and did not stop to diffuse the altercation. Now his parents want to know why and how could something so severe occur in a classroom setting — and in the presence of an adult.

According to KFOR, 14-year-old Tyler Mota’s parents received a call about severe injuries he’d suffered at school. Apparently, school officials did not feel the injuries were too detrimental because they never called an ambulance. However, his parents were met with a horrific scene when they arrived to see their son.

“As a parent, you weren’t there to protect him, not there to make sure he’s okay,” said his father Eugene. “I think it was more of an attack. A fight is pushing, punching, not busting somebody’s teeth like that with anger.”

“That kid picked up Tyler and slammed him into the ground, which is what caused him to go unconscious and then proceeded to hit and kick him in the mouth while he was down and out,” Michelle Mota, Tyler’s mother, said.

According to Fox 25, the school nurse said Tyler lost three teeth, suffered damaged gums, and several of his teeth penetrated his chin as a result of the brutal attack. But, unfortunately, the bloodied teen did not receive immediate medical attention — until his parents arrived.

“When I saw Tyler in a wheelchair, I just kept shaking. I took him and rushed to St Anthony’s.”

“They should have called EMSA right away. If he was passed out on the floor, blood everywhere, teeth in a milk carton, what else had to happen for them to call an ambulance?” Eugene Mota said.

Once Tyler was evaluated by medical examiners at the hospital, it was determined that his injuries were much more severe than the school initially thought. He will have to undergo reconstructive surgery and remain on a liquid diet for the next three months.

Although the school district has stated that an internal investigation will be conducted, a police report has been filed in order to bring charges against the student who started the fight. There is a possibility the student could face assault and battery charges, but no charges have been filed as of yet.

Tyler’s disheartening story has also sparked outrage online. While many feel the student should be reprimanded for the brutal assault, some readers have also voiced concerned about the teacher’s lack of accountability.

Should the teacher also face charges for Tyler’s beating? Share your thoughts.

[Image(s) via Fox 25 Screen Captures]