Real Life ‘Burn Book’: Yearbook Recalled After Senior Messages Swapped With Insults, Sexual References

Seniors at W.T. White High School in Dallas, Texas, got a huge surprise when they opened their yearbooks to read their senior quotes. Instead of the inspirational messages they submitted, some of the quotes had been replaced with insults and sexual references. Parents are calling the yearbook a “real life burn book” with the school calling the whole ordeal “unfortunate.”

NBC DFW reports that one Dallas school was forced to recall of the yearbooks it printed after it was discovered that someone had hacked the final copy and replaced some senior quotes with sexual innuendos and insults. Parents are calling the yearbook a “real life burn book” like the one created by fictional character Regina George in the movie Mean Girls.

W.T. White High School senior Juanita Cedillo says that the comment below her photo has caused her to question herself. Cedilla, who was voted prom queen, has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around school. She says the disorder makes it difficult to use her legs so she utilizes the help of a wheelchair throughout the day. Under Cedillo’s photo was a quote that read, “Want to hear the most annoying noise in the world?”

“I questioned myself. I was like, ‘What could be that annoying noise? Was it my voice?'”

According to the Daily Mail, some of the quotes took on a sexual tone. One quote read, “When do I get the call from Teen Mom?” with another referencing pregnancy tests.

“The only negativity around here should be a pregnancy test.”

The school says that they have been able to obtain about 90 percent of the yearbooks that were handed out and are working to secure all of the books for reprinting. The Dallas Independent School District says that the whole ordeal is “unfortunate” and that they are working to determine who is responsible for making the embarrassing changes to the yearbook.

“Distribution of the yearbook has been ceased until corrections can be made and new yearbooks are printed. Individuals who were responsible will be held accountable. This will be an unfortunate but valuable lesson for all involved.”

What do you think should happen to those responsible for making the changes to the yearbook? Can any punishment be sought if those responsible were seniors and have since graduated?

[Image Credit: NBC DFW]