Powerball Winning Numbers Results May 23: $138 Million Memorial Day Weekend Jackpot

Do you have the winning Powerball numbers for the May 23 drawing? A $138 million jackpot is up for grabs, and will make your Memorial Day weekend even more memorable if you win.

There hasn’t been a winner since a ticket sold in Puerto Rico matched all six numbers in the April 18 drawing. Find out if you’re the lottery’s next multi-millionaire at 11 p.m. tonight when the Powerball numbers are drawn live online on WRAL. You can also watch the drawing on these TV stations.

UPDATE: The winning Powerball numbers for May 23 are: 9, 15, 17, 31, 43, PB 16

While the last drawing on May 20 didn’t produce a jackpot winner, there were over $8 million in non-jackpot prizes given away. Non-jackpot prizes in the Powerball lottery game range from $4 (just the Powerball) to $1 million (all five numbers, no Powerball). Tickets are $2 each, but players can increase the value of their non-jackpot prize as much as five times by paying an extra $1 for the Powerplay feature.

If you haven’t checked your tickets since the last jackpot was given away on April 18, there’s a possibility that you could have a non-jackpot prize waiting to be claimed. While you wait for the May 23 Powerball drawing at 11 p.m. ET, double-check your tickets from past drawings — you may have some extra cash coming your way.

  • May 20: 1- 12- 28- 35- 44 PB 25
  • May 16: 24- 29- 38 -48- 52 PB 32
  • May 13: 1- 25-29-31- 47 PB 7
  • May 9: 4- 15- 17- 35- 58 PB 17
  • May 6: 23-24- 27-39-41 PB 30
  • May 2: 2-6-11-30-31 PB 33
  • April 29:1 – 26 -34- 38- 51 PB 6
  • April 25: 21 -33 – 35 – 38 – 45 PB 12
  • April 22: 10 – 14 – 25 – 39 – 53 PB 18

Planning on taking a vacation, buying a new home, or a few luxury cars if you win $138 million on Saturday night? While you’re planning out you dream life, keep in mind that you will get quite a bit less than the jackpot amount when you cash in your winning ticket.

If you choose a one-time lump sum payment, the cash value of the May 23 Powerball jackpot is $86.3 million before taxes. Once the mandatory 25 percent federal taxes (except in Puerto Rico) are taken out, the net amount would be $64,725,000 before you get hit with state taxes. That’s still a nice windfall for a $2 investment.

Powerball winners can also choose to get their payments spread out over 30 years by choosing the annuity option, where the lottery would pay out approximately $3.6 million per year for 30 years after federal taxes are taken out.

Powerball winners in the following states will take home more than everyone else, with no state tax mandated for lottery winners: California, Delaware, Florida, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. According to CNN, lottery players in Puerto Rico do not pay federal tax on their winnings, but are subject to a special tax that ranges between 5 and 20 percent of the total jackpot amount.

[Image: Scott Olson/Getty Images]