Chandra Levy Murder Could Reach New Trial For Alleged Killer Of Washington Intern

The murder of Chandra Levy might be getting another trial. After the Washington intern’s alleged killer was sentenced to 60 years in prison, new evidence has arisen which could prove him innocent.

Ingmar Guandique, the man convicted of killing and robbing Levy, could be getting a chance to clear his name or have his sentence reduced. Allegedly, a witness for the prosecution may have committed perjury when he gave testimony which resulted in Guandique’s sentencing.

In 2001, the Washington intern had vanished, her body not found until 2002. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Guandique appeared guilty of committing similar crimes in the same area, even though Levy’s skull hadn’t been found until a year after his trail of bloodshed was made public.

At the time, it was alleged that 53-year-old Congressman Gary Condit had been having an affair with Chandra Levy, leading to him losing his position in office. The scandal and resulting confusion resulted in the case being postponed nearly 10 years.

Ingmar Guandique had been pronounced guilty of the murder in 2010.

New evidence claims that Guandique’s cellmate had given false testimony, saying Ingmar had confessed to killing Levy. Armando Morales, a convicted felon and former gang member, may have lied, giving light to Guandique’s insistence that he is innocent.

For this reason, prosecutors in the District of Columbia have decided on Friday that they no longer oppose a second trial. The Attorney’s Office has made it clear that the new trial is being held “in the interests of justice. We remain firm in our conviction that the jury’s verdict was correct and are preparing for a new trial to ensure that Guandique is held accountable.”


Susan, Chandra Levy’s mother, has said a second trial changes nothing, according to KCRA.

“There could be one trial or two trials the answer is the same, she’s dead. I don’t think I would sit through an entire trial like I did the first time, because no matter the outcome, I wouldn’t get my daughter back. People don’t have closures when they lose a loved one. You never have total comfort because that limb of your tree, that part of your family horrifically disappeared and had her last moments.”

If Guandique is found innocent as he allegedly claims to be, the case could refocus on the affair former California Congressman Condit had with Levy. He was never a suspect in her murder, even though the public grilled him on the relationship.

The murder of Chandra Levy could be heading back to trial to uncover, or possibly reinforce, the truth.

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