14-Year-Old Alleged Gang Member Shot Dead On His Way To School, Bronx Police Searching For Suspects

A community is in shock after a 14-year-old boy — who was an alleged gang member — was shot dead just outside of his apartment building, reports CBS New York.

At approximately 8:30 am. Friday, Christopher Duran of Bronx, New York, and his brother were walking out of their home at Sheridan Avenue near East 167th Street in Concourse Village when they were approached by two other boys.

It was reported that an argument took place just before one of the boys opened fire, shooting Duran once in the head and three times in the stomach area. When the suspects ran off, Duran’s brother ran inside the apartment building to inform their mother of the incident.

Duran was pronounced dead at the scene upon police arrival.

Sources say that camera footage showed the alleged gang member screaming, “Mommy! Mommy!” as he was dying outside.

“We have video of the shooting,” a police officer said. “It’s bad, real bad. The guy runs up to him and just shoots him, bang, bang, bang. It doesn’t look like he says anything to him.”

Gerardo Moreno, who lives near the area, told reporters that he heard six gunshots and immediately ran to see what happened. When he discovered it was Duran who was shot and killed, he said that it was a shock.

“He was a really happy kid. He was always around with his brother. He was always with his friends,” he said. “I’ve known him since he was 11 years old. It shocks me such a little kid to have his life taken away.”

“It’s sad. I was looking through my window and I came down, so super sad,” says another neighbor. “I’m crying, everybody’s crying. Something harsh, whether you know him or not. Something really, really sad.”

New York police say it seems as though the suspects had planned to shoot the victim from the way they disguised themselves, wearing a hooded sweater and a bandana.


“We look at that as a very distinctive piece of clothing,” said Officer Boyce. “You can see him walking off to the other side.”

“It breaks my heart,” Duran’s uncle said as he broke down. “In the end … I want to know why … He’s a good kid, nice-looking guy. He never [did] anything. He never [hung] out with gangs, nothing like that.”

No arrests have been made following the shooting death of Christopher Duran, However, Bronx police are searching for the two boys that were involved in the verbal altercation with Duran.

Surveillance footage of the suspects have been released to the public, and police officials ask that if anyone has any information regarding the incident to come forward.

[Image courtesy of Scott Olson/Getty Images]