Teenage Moms Sentenced In Murder For Hire Plot [Video]

Two teenage moms were sentenced in Waterford Township, Michigan, stemming from a plot to hire a hitman to kill an individual in neighboring Flint, Michigan, Fox News Detroit reports. Dallys Vogel, 19, was sentenced to six years and nine months to 30 years, and her accomplice Mia Buscemi was sentenced to six years and nine months to 25 years in prison.

The two teenage moms were busted by an undercover Oakland County Police officer. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office had learned in October, 2014 of the plot to hire a hitman. In November, 2014, the undercover detectives met with the teenagers. It was there that the moms offered the detectives $2,000 to kill the unnamed Flint, Michigan, man.

Oakland Press spoke with Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. Bouchard indicated that the teenage moms were looking for their own brand of justice. In November, 2013, the father of Buscemi’s baby was gunned down in Flint, Michigan. Elizabeth Parks, Buscemi’s mother, stated that her daughter’s boyfriend, Wesley Gillmore, “died in her (Buscemi’s) arms.” The sheriff spoke of just how the entire situation spiraled out of control.

“(The case is) very sad on a number of levels. Obviously it’s sad that they would step outside to try to take street justice in such a permanent fashion, Number 1. Number 2, so far, it’s my understanding that (the man the women are accused of targeting) is not currently on the suspect list. Although (the homicide) is a Flint case, that’s my understanding. Number 3, both are young ladies with children under the age of 1. They’ve thrown away their lives and the lives of their children.”

However, Sheriff Bouchard was glad for the fact that they did get to the two girls before the teenage moms could follow through with their plot.


“It’s sad on too many levels, but on the plus side, we believe we stopped a homicide from occurring in the city of Flint.”

According to Michigan Live, three people were taken into custody not long after the events that led to Gillmore’s death. The police reports stated that in the early morning hours, an argument began in a group of intoxicated teenagers. It escalated, and Gillmore was shot.

The charges against the two teenage moms were conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation to commit murder. The maximum sentence for these crimes consisted of life in prison. Both Buscemi and Vogel pled no contest, which had to have helped in keeping them from spending the rest of their lives behind bars.

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