Fox News Charlie Gasparino On Young Female Reporters: ‘F****** Morons… Couldn’t Wear My Jockstrap’

Fox News business reporter Charlie Gasparino has spent a large number of his 53 years reporting on Wall Street, from positions at the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and other big-time business news outlets before making the leap to Fox in 2010, becoming one if not the first and best-known faces on the then-upstart Fox Business News network.

But lately, Gasparino has taken on a new cause — attacking people younger than himself. Actually, Gasparino’s outbursts are not directed at anyone younger than 53, but at members of what is commonly termed the “Millennial” generation.

As with most generational labels, exactly what constitutes a “millennial” isn’t 100 percent clear. But generally, the label refers to young people born between 1980 and 1999 — in other words, anyone between the ages of 16 and 35.

For some reason, this group — a generation with about 80 million members — became the target of Charlie Gasparino’s contempt and loathing, accusing them of being lazy, narcissistic, entitled, and most of the other generalizations older generations have frequently used against their younger counterparts throughout recent history.

So Fox Business News host Neil Cavuto decided to give a few members of the millennial generation a chance to respond, hosting three, young, female reporters — including conservative National Review writer Katherine “Kat” Timpf (above left).

Asked by Cavuto why she thinks Gasparino (above right) feels the need to attack her entire generation, Timpf — who lists herself as a comedian on her site, as well a journalist — was at a loss.

“Maybe he’s jealous because he doesn’t have as many Twitter followers as millennials do,” Timpf quipped. “Clearly we are the future and you need us, so maybe you don’t want to insult us so much.”

Cavuto then cut to backstage where Gasparino and another middle-aged male correspondent were viewing the interview. The Fox News cameras caught Gasparino’s spontaneous reaction.

“These kids are such f*****g morons,” Gasparino declared, laughing. “They’re stupider than we thought!”

Later, Cavuto interviewed Gasparino about his dismissive reaction to Timpf and the other two young women. Cavuto defended Timpf, in particular, as “beautiful — and smart.”

But Gasparino was unmoved.

“She couldn’t wear my jockstrap as a reporter!” Gasparino scoffed.

That later brought a response from Timpf’s employer, National Review, through its National Review Online site, which asked, “Why Does Charlie Gasparino Think Kat Timpf Would Want to Wear His Jock Strap?”

“If Gasparino is any indication,” the magazine’s blog declared, “the Boomers obviously don’t have any idea what it means to be a gentleman.”

Watch a Fox Business News video of the Charlie Gasparino reaction to Kat Timpf and her millennial colleagues, above.

[Images: Fox News Screen Grabs]