Is Harden Cursed? Rapper Lil B Threatens To Cast A Spell On The NBA Star

Is Harden cursed? Is that why the Houston Rockets are two games behind the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Western Conference Finals? Let me ask it again. Is Harden cursed? One more loss and I am just about positive that rapper Lil B is really the vengeful wizard he makes himself out to be.

TMZ reported how Lil B threatened Harden over a stolen dance move. He is upset that Harden uses a move he invented but gives him no credit. James Harden has been using this “stir it up” motion when he does a slick move on the basketball court. The rapper told Harden over Twitter to come clean about the fact that he got it from his signature “Cooking Dance.”

But Bleacher Report traced Harden’s move to Houston-area rapper Chedda Da Connect and his “Flicka Da Wrist” music video dance in an earlier investigation. They say the connection is more likely since Chedda is from Rockets territory. If you ask me, Harden’s dance looks like a combination of both rappers’ inventions.

First signs of the curse taking effect came in yesterday’s game. In Game 2 of the series, the Rockets were only down by one with enough time to get off a last minute shot. As soon as Harden got the ball with a chance to score, the Splash Brothers swooped in and swatted away any chance at victory. It’s hard not to notice the correlation with being cursed. It must be hard to win basketball games when you’re cursed. Lil B even tweeted responsibility for the fumble.

Harden would only be the latest NBA star to be cursed. Kevin Durant met the rapper’s wrath after insulting his musical capability over Twitter. Lil B quickly retaliated with his own tweet, in which he cursed Durant. Fans wonder if Lil B can claim responsibility for the current wave of injuries plaguing Durant and keeping him off the court, cursed to sit out so many games during the regular season.

So is the Bay-area rapper really much more than a music performer? Could he be a voodoo priest, an expert in black magic, or in league with evil? If Harden is cursed, then so are the Rockets NBA Finals hopes.

This is just the second recent curse to afflict the Harden household. ESPN recalls how Harden’s mom was cursed out by the LA Clippers’ Matt Barnes, during Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals.

Lil B is from the Bay Area, firmly within Golden State Warriors territory. He once tried out for the Golden State Warriors D-League affiliate, the Santa Cruz Warriors. All the more reason to want a Harden loss. So is Harden cursed? His performance in the remaining games of the series should give us the picture.

[Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images]