UFO Orb Caught On Video Inside U.S. Space Walk Of Fame Museum In Florida

A mysterious orb-shaped UFO was caught on video inside the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum in Pine Street, Titusville, Florida, on two occasions in the past week. Staff at the museum and residents of Titusville are debating the nature of the UFO captured on video by surveillance cameras set up inside the museum.

The orb was captured on surveillance video on two separate occasions last week. Footage shows the UFO orb flying or floating around a room in the museum housing several important space artifacts and memorabilia from the historic Mercury and Gemini space programs, according to WPTV.

The video above shows surveillance camera footage captured on May 12. The footage was posted to the YouTube channel of Space Walk of Fame Foundation and Museum on May 13 and has since received several thousand views.

The mysterious UFO is shown flying around the room. It comes into the camera frame, moves quickly around the room, disappears from view briefly and appears once again.

The entire incident lasts only a few seconds.

According to WKMG, during the most recent occasion on May 15, surveillance cameras captured the orb flying around in the room in the lower part of the screen. It moves out of frame briefly, returns and finally disappears.

"We can't explain it, nor can the (person) who put in the system for us," Charlie Mars, president of the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum, told WKMG.

However, while some speculate that the UFO orb could be of extraterrestrial origin, some of the staff at the museum suggested it could be a floating dust ball or a glare.

But Mars does not think so. He explained that on both occasions when the UFO orb was caught on video, lights and air conditioning in the room were switched off.

Mars thinks that orb could be a ghost. Mysterious activity has been reported in the space museum for years, he told WKMG.

"There were many items in here that were brought in by people who are no longer with us. They could be coming back to check on it," he said.

The museum was housed for 10 years in a building on Main Street before it moved into the 100-year-old building it now occupies. Mars believes that the old building which had served as the county records office could be haunted.

"We have had a number of things like that have occurred over the past 10 to 12 years that we don't have an explanation for and we do love speculating about it," he said.

But Mars said he was not worried about the strange goings on in the building.

"We love having something come in that is unexplainable, and it gives us a chance to interchange with each other and talk about what it will possibly be," he said.

Is the building haunted by the ghost of Neil Armstrong or is the orb an alien visitor curious about earthlings' space history?

[Image: U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum via OpenMinds-TV]