Harvey Weinstein Hosted Super Bowl Party Then Reportedly Fell Asleep During Alleged Victim's Testimony

Reports have come in saying that Harvey Weinstein was having trouble staying awake during his trial on Monday, the day after hosting a Super Bowl party on Sunday night. This happened while one of his alleged victims was on the stand, and was having such a difficult time giving testimony that she was excused by the judge.

A source told Page Six that the Hollywood mogul had a difficult time keeping his eyes open during Monday's court proceedings.

"The disgraced film exec looked like he dozed off several times on Monday during the testimony of former actor Jessica Mann," the publication reports.

Weinstein is said to have hosted a viewing party for Super Bowl LIV at his place in Westchester County, New York. In attendance were his past and present lawyers, and several female guests.

"Another source told us that attorneys Arthur Aidala, Damon Cheronis, Ryan Levitt, Jacob Kaplan, Tina Glandian, plus pals Tom Harvey and Ed Steinberg attended the party as did 'a lot of women!'" the source told Page Six.

The party was confirmed by a spokesperson for the 67-year-old.

"Harvey held a small get-together to say thank you. It was his team of lawyers, both current and some previous, his personal attorney and two friends," the spokesperson said.

Another source said they were not surprised "Harvey was so worn out" at court on Monday.

According to the publication, Weinstein had a tradition of hosting a Super Bowl party during his annual trips to the Sundance Film Festival. He referred to these parties as "the Weinstein Sundance Bowl."

Mann, a former aspiring actor, is the fifth accuser to take the stand. On Monday, she was cross-examined by Weinstein's lawyer, as reported by Hollywood Reporter. While on the stand she was asked about emails she sent to Weinstein after the alleged abuse took place.

"You sent him emails telling him how wonderful he was. You sent him emails thanking him. You sent him emails asking for things," the lawyer said.

Eventually, Mann had difficulty keeping her composure on the the stand. According to Fox News, she "started sobbing and couldn't stop" during questioning.

"Mann began uncontrollably sobbing and appeared to be having difficulty breathing. She was not able to regain composure after a short break, telling attorneys she was experiencing a panic attack," the outlet reports.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Mann had previously stated in court that she believed Weinstein was "deformed" and possibly "intersex," after she had seen the producer naked.