Hillary Clinton Supporters Support Hillary Because She’s Hillary And Don’t Know Anything Political About Her [Video]

When it comes to throwing verbal bombs at supporters of any political figurehead, Mark Dice is probably the best when it comes to pin-pointing Liberals who support liberal policies without actually following policy.

Presently, Dice has narrowed his exposing to Hillary Clinton supporters. The reason why is because Hillary Clinton is the only prominent Liberal figure running for the 2016 presidency. That may seem ironic given the fact most people can’t name off any of Clinton’s political achievements. As a matter of fact, the primary reason most supporters Hillary Clinton is because she’s a woman.

Going by past reports, Hillary Clinton supporters do not know her accomplishments. But what about her policies? How about current political events associated with the democratic presidential hopeful? Those questions were answered as Clinton supporters were interviewed over Clinton’s policies. Apparently, Hillary Clinton supporters support Hillary not for what she stands for, but because who she is.

According to IJReview, both Mark Dice and We Are Change teamed together to take on boardwalk at Oceanside, California. There, Dice and Luke Rudkowski — of We Are Change — presented themselves in “Man on the Street” fashion, and asked locals about Hillary Clinton’s policies.

No matter what Dice and Rudkowski asked, many who support Clinton agreed with whatever they said. Not only that, both of them even flipped the truth around. For example, one supporter was asked to give their views about Clinton being transparent on emails during her time as Secretary of State. The supporter thought Clinton had integrity, which is ironic, given the fact Clinton tried her best to hide emails.

In the end, the “Man on the Street” shows just how ignorant some Americans truly are when it comes to the country’s political atmosphere. However, Mark Dice and We Are Change have been found guilty of slanting their reports. In the attached video above for example, the same five individuals are interviewed.

[Image via Youtube Screen Capture]