‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Spoilers: Jessica Capshaw Teases What’s Next For Arizona

Grey’s Anatomy fans will see many big changes when the series returns for Season 12. There were many unanswered questions at the end of season finale. One of those questions has to deal with Arizona and Callie.

Will they each move on and find new relationships next season?

Jessica Capshaw, the actress behind Arizona Robbins, shared a bit of a teaser for loyal fans with TV Line. It is clear that Arizona and Callie have moved on from each other, but they are far from out of each other’s lives completely. They are still raising a child together.

However, Capshaw teased that the pair has reached a “peaceful coexistence” with each other. This will lead them to “a place where they can actually broach subjects that are tough for ex-wives.”

Callie has dated since the split from Arizona, and that will continue next season. However, fans have not seen Arizona with someone new since Callie left their relationship.

This will change during Grey’s Anatomy Season 12. Capshaw teased that there are “big things” coming for Arizona next season. In fact, the actress teased that fans almost saw a huge moving-on moment for Arizona in the Season 11 finale. However, the actress revealed that the moment “did not quite fit” the story being told during the episode.

The Season 11 finale did give fans a sense of closure to the death of Derek Shepherd. Patrick Dempsey’s character died during Episode 21 of the season, and it outraged fans. During the season finale, Meredith gave Amelia her old phone, and she told her to listen to the voicemail on it. It was the last message she received from Derek on the morning that he died.

Shonda Rhimes finally addressed the critics of the death story line on her Twitter, according to TV Fanatic.

Next season, fans will see Meredith continue to move on and live her life. According to a previous Inquisitr report, it has also been teased that Season 12 will be the season that Grey’s Anatomy moves forward with an Alzheimer’s storyline for Meredith. This would be a huge step, and it could lead to Ellen Pompeo’s eventual exit from the series.

However, the love lives of the staff of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will continue to be a focus. With Arizona moving forward, Jo and Alex going to the next level, and a possible end of Jackson and April, it is clear that there is a lot for fans to see next season. Fans will also likely see Miranda Bailey finally take charge of things and become of Chief of Surgery. That would be a huge step for her.

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