Thugs Paint ‘F*** The Military’ On Home Of Wyoming Veteran Cassie McEuen

May 16 is Armed Forces Day. The day was designated for the citizens of the United States to come together to honor military members for their patriotic service and support for the country. For Wyoming U.S. Army Reservist Cassie McEuen, she was met with a completely different message on the weekend of the celebration.

She woke up Saturday morning to find that some thugs had spray-painted anti-military graffiti all over her home. Words identifying the residence as the home of military personnel, as well as statements such as ‘F*** the Military’ and ‘Die for What?’ were the sad reality that she had to witness, according to the local ABC affiliate. To her credit, McEuen seemed to take the vandalism in stride, even finding some humor in it.

“I’ve been attacked, and the vandal can’t spell. Apparently I’m a ‘soilder’ instead of soldier.”

Others in the community of Evanston, Wyoming, had a lot harsher message for the perpetrators. Mayor Kent Williams was especially disappointed about the vandalism, and he spoke out against it.

“This makes no sense. It’s something we can’t get our minds around right now. I’m without words. It’s absolutely out of character for our little community. I’d like to believe we’re as patriotic as any community can be. This kind of thing just isn’t us.”

The town has banded together to prove Mayor Williams right. One day later, members of the local community and surrounding areas rallied around McEuen to help her clean up the mess. More than 100 people, manned with supplies donated by the local Walmart, started cleaning up the mess. Pizza Hut pitched in and fed the volunteers. Understandably, McEuen was very appreciative of all of the support.

“Wow! Thank you everyone! Pizza Hut donated a delicious lunch to the volunteers. 307 Long Range and Wal-Mart for painting supply and labor. All the community support is just amazing thank you for all the individuals that rushed in.”

Reservist McEuen has been approached by others to help out monetarily, but she has declined money that would go to help her. Instead, she has offered another way people can help.

” ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’ Yes, but it’s wrong for me to ask for the help as it does not relate to the graffiti. There is no go fund me account, and that’s ok I am able to work and eventually I will earn the money I need. There is a donation fund for a reward to capture the vandal and once donations have met the limit of the reward the extra money collected will go to a charity I picked called Grace After Fire. The charity helps women veterans help themselves.”

[Photo by Facebook]