Heartless Brother Who Impregnated And Tortured His Sister Gets 16 Years Behind Bars

A heartless brother who impregnated and tortured his half-sister for a sustained period of time was found guilty by a Las Vegas district judge on Tuesday, and sentenced to 16 years behind bars for his crimes.

For the people in the courthouse, the accused’s, Edmund Bobby Ho’s, final proclamation after sentencing was shocking as he turned to his victim, Sophia Parker, telling her simply, “I love you.”

By way of a response to that comment, District Judge Douglas Herndon addressed the convicted man, saying, “If you love this woman — I don’t mean to be cute — but you sure have a funny way of showing it.”

Soon after Parker met her half brother, things turned intimate.

“He was the hottest guy I ever met. And he had a completely different demeanor than any guy I knew. He was just like a bad boy. I was vulnerable because I was here by myself. I just wanted that bond so bad,” she said to reporters last week.

Despite receiving a brutal beating when she was six months pregnant with Ho’s child, Parker shared, “I chose to try to have a family because I thought that it would get better or it would work. At some point maybe the baby would level him out, or mature him.”

When the birth of their daughter did nothing to calm Ho’s aggression, Parker gave her daughter up for adoption, wanting her to grow up in a healthy and non-violent environment.

After forcing Parker into prostitution to make ends meet, and getting her addicted to meth, Ho was arrested for whipping Parker with a belt and for choking her.

Between May and December, 2014, Ho allegedly blindfolded his sister, whipped her with electric cords, and broke her ribs, nose, and eye socket.

In addressing the court after sentencing, Parker said, “I don’t know what it would take for both of us to be healthy individuals in this society. I just want this to be over with. I want the right thing to be done. I want both of us to seek the help that we need.”

[Image credit: fourthdistrictcourt.nmcourts.gov]