The Dangers of Selfie Sticks PSA: Pizza Hut Commercial Gets 252,000 YouTube Views — Is That Will Ferrell? [Video]

There is a hilarious new video from Pizza Hut titled “The Dangers of Selfie Sticks PSA” that’s going viral on YouTube. There’s a good reason the video, embedded below, is so popular. Pizza Hut has a winner on their hands, with a commercial that’s seemingly all about selfish selfie sticks and their selfie-taking users. It’s only when viewers delve into the video do they see a pizza guy as a product placement, warning that his pizza delivery skills better end up on Instagram.

With well-written, tongue-in-cheek humor throughout the video, the narrator warns viewers using a sarcastic and serious tone about just how dangerous their selfie sticks can become. While selfies are beautiful and thrillingly taken by self-photographers who grace their followers with plenty of duck-lip photos, the new selfie sticks should come with a grave warning, infers the PSA actress.

“These egotastic specimens of visual self-obsession… are in danger.”

That’s when the Pizza Hut actress unfurls a selfie stick’s handle with a flourish, and warns that moving the camera away from the central object of the selfie photo means that they are forced to recognize other people exist.

The selfie stick PSA goes on to humorously show selfie sticks in a variety of awkward places, like in bathroom stalls, in swimming pools, and whilst folks are trying to enter and exit elevators. They even show one guy holding a tall selfie stick in a remote location — and guess what gets stuck by lightning? Yep, the man and his tall, lightning bolt-drawing selfie stick.

While the Pizza Hut ad is tongue-in-cheek, in real life, Disney World has banned selfie sticks on rides due to the real danger they could pose, reports CNN. Coachella and Lollapalooza have also nixed selfie sticks.

Another question surrounding the popular video is if a guy who appears in the ad is Will Ferrell. Folks commenting on the video seem to think it looks like Ferrell, but a good Google search doesn’t turn up Will’s name in the credits.

will ferrell pizza hut selfie stick commercial youtube ad

“Please warn those you love about the dangers of selfie stick abuse.”

The commercial was uploaded to YouTube on May 20, and in about 24 hours or so, had swelled to more than a quarter million views.

“Please Selfie Responsibly. Help protect them by sharing this video with any fabulous narce artists who suffer from selfie stick abuse. Pizza Hut is a supporter of those suffering from selfie stick abuse.”

Besides this latest viral YouTube sensation, Crayola colored pencils DIY videos are also gaining popularity, as reported by the Inquisitr.

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