May 21, 2015
Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Trade For Adrian Peterson Still Possibly Alive, Or Will Cowboys Go After Matt Forte

The long and drawn out ordeal of running back Adrian Peterson being traded (or not being traded) to the Dallas Cowboys is neverending. Even though it didn't happen before or during the NFL Draft 2015, the rumors still won't go away. Now, rumors are starting that the Cowboys may go after Matt Forte if Adrian Peterson doesn't end up in Dallas via trade.

As workouts get closer for teams, the Cowboys will be heading into them with Darren McFadden and Joseph Randle as their top two running backs. Still, the rumors floating around about Adrian Peterson being traded from the Minnesota Vikings persist.

Grantland even thinks that it's a match made in heaven for Peterson to end up as the running back for the Cowboys this year.

"Even if you disregard what Peterson and Jerry Jones text about late into the night, there are plenty of other reasons why this would be perfect. Peterson's hometown of Palestine is two hours from AT&T Stadium, and in a state with plenty of high school football lore, Peterson's legend is still bigger than most: Just imagine what Peterson looks like today and put him on a field with a bunch of linemen about his size, and that's what it was like."
The hurdles needed to get over to get Adrian Peterson in a Dallas Cowboys' uniform may be too many. Minnesota still insists they aren't trading him, and if they did, the Cowboys would have to find a lot of money to trade for him.

Sports World Report states that the team is interested in adding another running back. A number of names have been mentioned such as Zac Stacy, Knile Davis, Jeremy Hill, Pierre Thomas, and even Chicago Bears' running back Matt Forte.

Today's Pigskin says that the Cowboys are the only team absolutely desperate for a running back, and Chicago doesn't have the money to pay Forte after this season. Trading him now, in the last season of his contract, will get them something in return for him.

Dallas is a beneficial situation for the Bears right now to cash out on Forte, and solve the Cowboys' problem, as well. It works for both of them.

Matt Forte would be a cheaper option for the Dallas Cowboys, but a trade for Adrian Peterson could end up happening somehow in the coming months. All that remains is for the Vikings to get on board, or else these rumors are never going away.

[Image via NFC North Bar Room]