Grandma Bludgeons 5 Cats With Hammer — Hides Adult Cat In Freezer, Throws Kittens Away

Everyone knows children need to be disciplined from time to time. But an Illinois grandma crossed the line when, as punishment for not cleaning their rooms, she beat her granddaughter’s cat and its four kittens to death.

Josephine Bell, 71, is now in jail on a $15,000 bond and faces charges of aggravated animal cruelty for the alleged act, KMOV reported.

She allegedly killed the pets with a hammer Sunday night when her grandchildren refused to clean their rooms and she warned them of the punishment should they keep defying her – the pets would be taken away, the New York Daily News added.

Apparently, she didn’t think she should have to take care of the cats in the first place.

And it was her 13-year-old daughter who learned that her grandmother had made good on those threats. She went to the fridge for a snack and found the adult – which was actually her cat – in the freezer, dead, KTVI reported.

The girl called a relative, who then called the police. The grandma confessed to killing the cats with a hammer, but police couldn’t find the babies – Josephine said she’d thrown them away with the trash.

Evidently, she’s has garnered some attention from local animal control before. Just last week, a dog was taken from the home; they offered to take the cats, too, but the family refused.

Though killing defenseless creatures with a hammer is no doubt disturbing, the grandma’s lack of a criminal record means she likely won’t go to jail for the one to three years standard with a charge of aggravated cruelty, said Sheriff’s Department Captain Mike Dixon.

“Hopefully it brings about a change in demeanor, and this kind of behavior doesn’t happen again for the benefit of these children, is what ultimately I think most of us would hope for.”

[Photo Courtesy Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]