’19 Kids And Counting’ Tell-All Special: 5 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments

During the 19 Kids and Counting tell-all special, the Duggars didn’t really share anything new — the family regurgitated many of the talking points that they’ve spouted off on past shows, and viewers were treated to yet another look back at clips from old 19 Kids and Counting episodes.

If you love hate-watching the show but don’t want to sit through an hour of old material, never fear — the most cringe-worthy moments from the 19 Kids and Counting tell-all are listed below.

Jim Bob Duggar Is The Worst Chaperone

As Hollywood Life points out, the 19 Kids and Counting season finale tackled the topic of chaperones. However, Erica Hill had to bring it up again during the tell-all special — she showed a clip of Jim Bob inserting himself between Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard after Derick simply tried to put his arm around his girlfriend.

Jim Bob and Michelle claim that their kids get to make their own courtship rules, and Jessa and Jill Duggar both decided that side hugs were okay. Derick was essentially side-hugging Jill by putting his arm around her in the clip, but Jim Bob just couldn’t resist asserting his authority over his daughter by stepping in. Maybe the Duggar daughters don’t actually get to make as many decisions as their parents claim that they do.

Jim Bob And Michelle Didn’t Follow The Strict Courtship Rules That Their Kids Must Adhere To

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have confessed to their kids that they had plenty of physical contact before making it to the altar, and obviously things turned out fine for them — they’re still married, they’ve produced 19 kids, and they’re still trying for another one. However, Jim Bob thinks that he and his wife made a mistake by engaging in “hanky panky” before marriage, and now he won’t even allow one of his daughters to let a guy put his arm around her.

Michelle Duggar Thinks Men Are Animals Who Can’t Control Their Urges

While talking about modesty, Michelle revealed that she blames herself for making men sin. According to the 19 Kids and Counting star, she actually used to mow the yard in a bikini when she was a teenager.

“Here was this little teeny-bopper out there mowing her grass in a bikini, and the poor [neighbor’s] husband was having to either try to not look or look another way, and I just think, I had no clue,” Michelle said. “You can’t control what someone else thinks, but we can control what we do. If we stir up desires in someone else that cannot be righteously fulfilled, then we’re responsible for that.”

In an old TLC post, Michelle Duggar revealed that the family never visits public beaches because “it’s just too hard for the guys to avert their eyes.” In other words, bikinis are the devil.

“Hey Hey Hey” Means “Sex” To Jim Bob

In one scene, Jim Bob Duggar referred to having sex with Michelle as “hey hey hey,” so now you’ll never look at Fat Albert the same way. Also, Jessa Duggar pointed out that Jim Bob uses “hey hey” as a greeting — it’s disturbing that his way of saying “hi” is just one “hey” away from meaning that he’s in the mood.

Jana Duggar Reminds 19 Kids And Counting Viewers That She’s Still At Home

During one scene, 25-year-old Jana Duggar talked about what life is like now that Jessa and Jill have left the nest.

“It’s been neat to see how I’ve connected even more with some of these younger ones,” Jana said.

In other words, Cinderella Duggar has to keep an eye on more kids now that her helpers are gone.

Did you watch the 19 Kids and Counting tell-all special, and do you think the show has retread the same ground too many times this season?

[Image credit: Duggar Family Facebook]