Angry Airline Passenger Gets Naked At Airport, Can’t Board Plane

Anyone who has ever flown knows air travel can be frustrating, especially on a crowded plane with little leg room.

After discovering his flight to Jamaica was overbooked, one man decided to vent his frustration in a unique way: he got naked.

Apparently out of his mind with anger at being told he couldn’t board his plane at Charlotte Douglas International Airport Wednesday morning, the man yelled at airline employees and then decided to get naked.

The man stripped down to nothing in the terminal in front of his fellow passengers, kids included, and stood with his arms folded.

Eye witness and fellow airline passenger Sherry Ketchie told WBTV the man was trying to board a U.S. Airways flight.

“I seen some people running and I was wondering what they was running from and people were standing there snickering, so I walked over and (an airport employee) told me the man was angry over the Jamaican flight.”

Ketchie watched the whole incident and snapped pictures to post on Facebook, according to the USA Today. She said the man stood totally naked in the airport terminal for an hour.

“He had his clothes on, at that point, and then he started standing there with his arms crossed and hollering at the lady at the desk. He stood there for a moment and then started taking off his clothes. I ain’t never seen nothing [like that] in my life.”

When reporters asked about the incident, U.S. Airways directed their questions to the airport and the airport said to ask local Charlotte police.

The police said only that they were called out on a disturbance call for a medically ill man. The man was taken for treatment and won’t be facing criminal charges for getting naked at the airport.

Maybe not being able to board his flight was enough punishment.

That’s not the only crazy story about airline passengers.

In May, an Oregon family was kicked off their plane on a return flight from Disney World after their autistic daughter made the pilot uncomfortable, according to the Inquisitr.

In December of last year a woman was jailed for three days after trying to change seats on empty plane, according to the Inquisitr. She is suing United Airlines, but at least she didn’t get naked like the man in Charlotte.

Although overbooking a flight can be annoying to passengers, it is a rare occurrence and happens less than one percent of the time, according to Forbes.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]