Jon, Kate Gosselin Fight Over Custody Heats Up: New Details About Kate’s Parenting Revealed

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s fight is getting even more heated. After Jon reportedly took the couple’s daughter, Hannah, and has decided to fight for custody of the 11-year-old, more shocking details of the Gosselin custody drama are coming out.

According to Radar Online, Jon and Kate Gosselin will fight over custody in court next month, and Kate’s parenting skills will reportedly come in to question. Kate has allegedly been breaking the rules of their current custody agreement by not letting Jon have time with the kids when she’s out of town. Instead, Kate leaves them with a nanny, and one time even left her eight children for 4 days without providing a phone number to contact her at.

In Touch Weekly sources reveal that the children, Maddy, Cara, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Colin, Aaden, and Joel didn’t know where their mother was at the time, and didn’t know how to get a hold of her.

“Kate is supposed to give Jon first right of refusal to take care of the kids when she goes away, and she didn’t. The kids told Jon that they didn’t know where she went, and had no way to reach her because she doesn’t give them her cell number.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jon and Kate Gosselin’s fight over custody came after an incident in late April where 11-year-old Hannah told her father that she did not want to return home to Kate’s house. There have been many allegations of abuse such as rumors that Kate may hit or spank her children, verbally abuse the eight kids, and that she sometimes is so strict that she’ll even make them eat old food so that they learn not to waste it.

Meanwhile, fans are questioning whether or not Jon Gosselin could even take care of any of his eight children if given custody. The former reality star has made no secret that his financial state is less than desirable and was previously fired from his job as a waiter before embarking on a career as a DJ who plays music at whatever gigs he can get such as bowling alleys.

Back in November of 2014 Jon Gosselin opened up about his current living situation and money matters.

“The truth is I made some poor financial decisions, but I am living in a home. I’ve got to figure out who I am. Being a father, devoting my time toward my kids.”

What are your thoughts on Jon and Kate Gosselin’s fight over custody?

[Photo By: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]