Texas Rangers Introduce $26 Ball Park Hot Dog. Meet The ‘Boomstick’

Nolan Ryan use to throw 100mph pitches at batters and now he’s pitching $26 hot dogs for Texas Rangers fans. The Rangers president appeared on ESPN Radio in Dallas this week where he revealed that the team will introduce a new mammoth hot dog with a $26 price tag.

As Ryan puts it:

“It has to be a tremendous wiener. And then we’re getting some kind of exotic bread flown in from France. And I don’t know what kind of condiments you put on that. But I do want to look at it.

“That’s a wild dog.”

So what exactly will fans traveling to Rangers Ballpark get for $26? Chef Cristobal Vazquez has created a Coney Island-style hot tog topped with shredded cheese, chili and sauteed onions all of which sit on “exotic bread flown in from France.”

The hot dog itself is pretty hefty as it weighs in at two pounds.

In the meantime the hot dog has several names depending on where you buy the giant wiener. For example at the Captain Morgan Club it’s called the “Champion Dog” while concession stands around the stadium are more aptly calling it the “Boomstick.”

The name “Boomstick” comes from Rangers slugger Nelson Cruz because when he hits a home run he has lowered the “Boomstick.”

It’s still unclear why the Captain Morgans Club has decided to call the new food the “Champion Dog” but perhaps its better than the more “working class” name for the hot dog is shared among the stadiums “working class” fans.

In the meantime grab a bunch of your buddy’s, head to the ballpark and split a Boomstick four ways, it’s like carpooling for your stomach.